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Selichot Tour in Jerusalem

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Open Selichot Tour in a Holy Atmosphere from the Jewish Quarter to the Western Wall

A Selichot tour is a magical event. Filled with mystery and Jewish Jerusalem mystique, this tour takes us deep into Jersualem’s Orthodox neighborhoods as their inhabitants are in the Ten Days of Repentance (Teshova) and in the midst of the preparations for Yom Kipur. On the one hand, this contrasting world is so close to ours, yet, on the other hand, it can be easily missed, overlooked. It is a world whose complexities are filled with spirituality; stories of the retaining wall that has been exposed to prayers, pleads and Selichot; stories that were brought to life between the allies of the Jewish quarter. The closer you get to the Ten Days of Repentance—between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kipur—the flow of visitors, wishing to absorb Jerusalem’s unique atmosphere, increases. Naturally, all Selichot tours end at the Western Wall as a place where travelers can undergo an intense experience that is second to none.

Join us for Selichot tours  Thursday evening.
Tour begins at 21:00 and ends at 24:00 with a prayer at the Kotel.
The tour includes Coffee and pastries with Certificate of Kashrut Mehadrin

*** A minimum of 10 participants is required for the event to take place

More details about the tour:
  • The tours will be led by experienced Jerusalem guides
  • The duration of the tour is approximately 3 hours

Further information, terms and restrictions:

  1. The tour cost includes third party insurance policy coverage.
  2. We accept credit card or cash transfer through bank acounts.
  3. Cancellation terms:
  • up to 7 days before the tour date – no cancellation fees shall apply
  • 4-7 days before the tour date – cancellation fees at the rate of 50% of the total order shall apply
  • up to 4 days before the date of tour – full payment of the total order will be charged.


For further details and information, or to book a tour, please contact us.

Enjoy Jerusalem!

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