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Yalla Basta’s Market Websites

  • The Shuk Machane Yehuda Website

    First and foremost, we created this website to give respect to the place, to the merchants and to those who live and work there, who turned it into the brand name that it became in recent years.  Shuk Machane Yehuda is a status, and we believe that the status should be presented in a representing, genuine form online.
  • The Flea Market Website

    The scenic flea market in Jaffa has been active for many years.  Some items can only be found in the flea market – starting from clothes and rugs and all the way to antique arts from all around the world.  The market is full of buyers, visitors and tourist, who came to experience the market’s magic and atmosphere from up close.
  • The Shuk HaCarmel Website

    Shuk HaCarmel is the most famous market in Tel Aviv.  In recent years, the market has become an entertainment and recreational area, offering restaurants, coffee shops and street food stands.  The abundance of fruits and vegetables, fish, meats and baked goods offered by the market have turned it into the largest, most central market in Tel Aviv.
  • The Shuk Levinski Website

    Shuk Levinski is a tasting heaven, offering a wide variety of spices, nuts, dry fruits and special dishes and foods.  Every flavor and scent in the market has its own, unique story about roots, migration and mainly – the love for food.  The market withholds stories and legends, as well as deep family secrets.
  • The Old City of Jerusalem Website

    For thousands of years and to this day, Jerusalem has been considered as one of the most sacred places in the world.  On the website, you will find detailed maps of orientation and information regarding the different quarters, the streets, the shops, the events and the restaurants that operate in this enchanting place.
  • The Nazareth Market Website

    In Nazareth, you will find one of the most magical markets that stay away from the Israeli eye: the market of Old Nazareth.  Even if it’s your first visit to Nazareth, you will feel right at home thanks to Nazareth’s residents’ wide smile and extraordinary hospitality.
  • The Ramla Market Website

    The website was created in order to give Ramla the stage it so deserves and to expose you to the extraordinary variety the market has to offer – the colors, the flavors, the images and the people.  The website provides information about the shops, the stands, the restaurants and all other information you may need to know before you pay a visit to the Ramla Market.
  • The HaNamal Market Website

    The colorful market in the Tel Aviv Port has been operating since 2010 and is open six days a week – Monday to Saturday.  The great variety of fresh vegetables, cheese, olive oils, spices and other raw materials, as well as the sweets and the coffee shops the place has to offer, have turned the market into a place that’s worth a visit.
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