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Yalla Basta’s Market Tours

  • Tours at Shuk Machane Yehuda

    “The authentic Jerusalem experience of Shuk Machane Yehuda” - Fascinating guided tours in Shuk Machane Yehuda and its surrounding areas: a tour of pleasure and flavors in Machane Yehuda and in Nachlaot, 'Lights and Menorah tours’, Slichot tours during the Jewish month of Elul, Purim tours at the ultra-orthodox neighborhoods and many other unique tours, within the most Jerusalem-oriented and famous market in Israel.
  • Tours at Shuk Levinsky

    When Greek, Bulgarian and Turkish meet in southern Tel Aviv - The closest thing to the old-days’ nostalgic markets is Shuk Levinski.  A wonderful whirlpool of aromas, colors, flavors and people.  During our tour, you will encounter tastes and flavors from the Balkan cuisines, secret spices and mainly, some of the most interesting stories and legends that lay behind the most unique market in Tel Aviv.
  • Tours at the Old City of Jerusalem

    A mosaic of different worlds and cultures - It’s hard to imagine a tour in Jerusalem that does not include a visit to the Old City.  The genuine Jerusalem lies right here, behind the Old City’s alleys: the exceptional atmosphere, the fascinating history and the secrets that emerge between the archaic stones; the tours at the Old City fuse all of the senses simultaneously, and those remain in one’s memory for many years to come. 
  • Tours at Shuk HaCarmel

    Here you can find dust and powders for incantation and wizardry - A tour at Shuk HaCarmel will get you back to the tastes and scents of Tel Aviv of the old-days, while uncovering the young, bubbly atmosphere at the city’s most central market.  'A Yemen, a Persian and a Polish meet’ is not just an opening of a joke, but also an abundant, fascinating culinary variety.  The veteran market, which was established over 80 years ago, is full of stories, legends and secrets that can only now be revealed. 
  • Tours at the Flea Market

    Get a taste of nostalgia - Jaffa’s Flea Market is full of designer boutiques, modern bars and gourmet restaurants, alongside the veteran merchants that offer rugs, couches, furniture and numerous rare and used items, for a bargain price.  Either you’re more appealed by the market’s authenticity or by its modern form, the Flea Market offers a rare integration.
  • Tours at the Nazareth Market

    Taste Nazareth’s pancake with coffee - In Nazareth, you will receive a warm welcome while getting to visit significant, impressive historical sites in a walking distance.  The tour around the city, combined with a visit to a variety of restaurants and food stands, turns the visit into a multi-sensual experience.  Nazareth’s secrets gradually emerge and with every step, you will explore another flavor, an unknown scent or a fascinating story.  So come and explore the secret of Nazareth’s magic.

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