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Do you have friends in Israel or friends about to arrive to Israel,
and you want to treat them to something special?
Yalla Basta’s Culinary Gift Card
is the tastiest and best way to surprise those you love the most!

The coupon offers one of the THREE culinary experiences,
available to use at markets around the country and select cities around the world.
These are our MOST wanted, MOST delicious and MOST talked about experiences,
each is a perfect gift on its own; you can’t go wrong!

Couple’s coupon price: 250 NIS only!
Our gift card allows you to choose from three great couple culinary experiences:
  • Joining a Guided Tasting Tour

    Joining a Guided Tasting Tour

    Yalla Basta’s open tours allow you to discover, taste and learn about Israel’s tasty markets through guided tours with the best guides in Israel. The tours take place on Fridays, on selected dates throughout the year at the Jerusalem Machne Yehuda Market, as well as the Carmel and Lewinsky markets in Tel Aviv. The tours are about 3 hours-long and combine a tour on foot to get to know the different neighborhoods near each of the markets, stories and amusing anecdotes and more.
  • A Couples Tour with the bitemojo App

    A Couples Tour with the bitemojo App

    bitemojo by Yalla Basta is a revolutionary app, allowing you to go on a culinary tasting tour using your phone only. bitemojo offers culinary experiences in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Berlin, Barcelona and Rome. Using the app, you can get to know the tastiest places in the city, as well as the city itself through its local most unique and quality cuisine. The coupon gives you a couple’s tasting tour at any destination of your choice.
  • Two Tasting Cards to Choose From

    Two Tasting Cards to Choose From

    Using the Yalla Basta tasting cards you will get to know the tastiest markets in Israel at your own time and pace. Cards include 6 quality tastings, hand-picked by us, which tell the local market’s story in the tastiest and most fun way. The cards are collected when you arrive at the market and include a comfortable map at the back of the card and an audio guide used through your personal mobile device.
How does it work?

1. Purchase the coupon directly from the website (below is the coupon structure):

View coupon in full size

2. Receive the order code and a link to print the coupon in the email.

3. The recipient goes to the coupon activation page and selects the experience of their choice.

4. That’s it! Get ready for the compliments you’ll get for your gift


The Yalla Basta Couple’s Gift Card is Definitely the Tastiest Gift You Can Give for Only 250 NIS!

With THREE culinary experiences to choose from, you can be sure that whoever gets the gift would have the best time possible, as they can choose the culinary experience which best suits them.

Whether it is:
An independent culinary tour of one of our tasty markets,
A digital tour following the most vibrant tastes of Jerusalem or Tel Aviv,
or a Food and content experience by joining one of our dozens of guided tours each month.
Either way, the gift card to our culinary experiences promises you have chosen the tastiest gift.
Thank you for considering us, now let’s surprise your loved ones :) 

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