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  • “Cooking Up Machne Yehuda”
    In Collaboration with “Te’Amim” College

    Do you want to learn how to cook stupendous stews with classic aromas?
    Do you wish that your children could gather culinary memories of authentic home cooking?
    Do you want everyone asking you which brilliant grandmother taught you to make such delicious Kibbeh?

    Join our experiential workshop which combines the nostalgic flavors and scents of Machne Yehuda Market,
    we’ll be using seasonal fruits and vegetables, and other quality materials,
    cook the delicious dishes associated with the Market,
    and sit down together for an unforgettable meal you won’t believe you prepared yourselves!


    Tel-Aviv Cooking Workshop
    In Collaboration with “Cooking Up Experiences”

    In a beautiful Ottoman house in Jaffa,
    all the worlds of cooking meet
    People cook up experiences and make dreams come true among the pots
    Cooking workshops, events, activities and fun, for private and business clients.

    All workshops open with a general reception: fresh focaccias, natural lemonade, dips, espressos. White and red Teperberg wines will accompany the reception and the meal.

    Interested in booking a workshop? Please fill out the details below.


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