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PR and Social Executives? Travel and Tourism Agents? You’ve come to the right place!
We are Yalla Basta and we are the leading market tourism company in Israel
Our speciality is creating memorable experiences via market culinary tours
and team building and fun days, along with great food, for companies and organizations
custom-made to the nature and budget of the group.


Tours and Products for Companies and Organizations

  • Fun Days at the Markets

    Guided tours in the markets with the finest guides, which include tastings of various foods, customized to every group according to its preference of flavors.  The tours are offered in Hebrew, English, French, Russian and other languages as well.
  • Branded Shuk Bites cards

    Can we interest you with a branded Shuk Bites card that is customized to your organizational needs?  Do you need it in English or in another language?  Do you want to use our services to produce a card made just for you?  Contact us to order customized Shuk Bites cards [collective purchase only].
  • Gift Shuk Bites cards

    Our Shuk Bites cards are a great gift idea for different bodies and organizations as employees’ gifts but also as a unique and different birthday gift for those who you wish to treat with something special.
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    Couple’s Gift Cards

    Our gift card rewards you with three great couple’s culinary experiences to choose from: a pair of tasting cards of your choice, a digital tour with the bitemojo app or joining one of our open tours at a selection of markets throughout the country.

  • Cooking Workshops

    Cooking Workshops

    Yalla Basta offers experiential cooking workshops in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, corresponding with the flavors and scents of the market.

Our activities take place in all of Israel’s markets:
Machne Yahuda market, Tel Aviv’s markets (Lewinsky, Flea market, the Carmel, Sarona Market, HaTikva Flea market), Nazareth, Old Acre, Ramla, Jerusalem’s Old City and more.

The tours are adjusted to the group’s character, size, requested level of Kosher, interests and range of activity, where they can be expanded for a full fun day with surrounding attractions – from vegetarian chef workshops to Segway rides.

Our guides are local, storytellers to their core, who know every nook and cranny of the market and know exactly where to stop and what tastings you shouldn’t miss out on.

Our tour coordinators are masters in tailoring experiences to fit your restrictions.
Try and challenge them!

The success of Yalla Basta’s activities comes from hundreds of tours worth of experiencing, from small start-ups to complex tours for big companies and some of the leading companies in the market,
from a combination of great food, professional guidance and an educated selection of the routes and stops to create the perfect experience, guaranteeing your employees have an unforgettable time.

Happy Clients:

Mor Amar, Ituran:
Dear Noa and the Yalla Basta staff,
I would like to thank you for the patience, attention, quick response and service
There is no doubt that my team had such a great time at the tour, they won’t stop talking about it…
A culinary experience combined with some history, a lot of atmosphere and attention.
Our guide, Amit, fit us like a glove.
He was easygoing, listened to each and everyone of us and took his time.
Thank you for one of the best team-building days we’ve very had.
For many more.
Efrat Gorny, Amazon:
It was great, our guests had a great time, the guide was great, and it was all we hoped it would be.
Thank you,
Efrat Gorny,
Amazon web service
Orit Moshe, Minister of Foreign Affairs:
As the Congress advisors visit draws to a close, I would like to thank you for the amazing experience. The tour was just exceptional and really showed the life in Jerusalem and the market, the flavors, scents and history.
They had a great time, and I must say that the guide, Shuki, was extraordinary, even though he had a tight schedule to deal with. He was pleasant, interesting and cool!!!

Give us our thanks.
Debbie Adler, Fox Group:
We wanted to thank you for the great experience we’ve had yesterday, we loved every minute of it. The tour of the market was nothing less than amazing.

The escape room was a real experience; first of all, this street is amazing.
I was with a group at an escape room that made it out after 40 minutes, the other group, not so much… :)
It really shows that you work with great people
and that means a lot as service providers
Keep up the good job
I will be sure to pass along the great experience here!!
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