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  • Thank you for purchasing the Machane Yehuda Shuk Bites ticket. On this page you’ll find information including where to pick up your ticket in the market, a recommended itinerary for your Shuk Bites tour and a link to the audio guide you can listen to on your smartphone.

    Pick up the cards at:
    Musseri Tobacco shop
    , 77 Etz HaChaim St. (in the Machane Yehuda Market.)

    Store hours:
    Sunday 9:00 - 16:00;
    Monday- Thursday 9:00 -18:00;
    Friday 9:00 - 2h before Shabat
    *We recommand to start the tour with the Bite Card no later than 16:00 PM.

    To redeem your ticket, please bring with you the booking number you received in your order confirmation.

    We recommend you use the ticket as a guide, following the stations listed below, in order to maximize your experience of the sites, tastes and sounds of the market.

    1. A Taste of Georgian Baked Goods - Khachapuria, HaShikma St. corner of HaEshkol St.

    2.Half a pita with 3 Falafel balls-Hachim Levi Falafel, 2 HaTut St. 

    3. Cup of fresh healthy folk-remedy drink- Uzi Eli, 10 Haegoz St.

    4. A veggie patty with in tahini and stuffed grape leaves Tzidkiyahu Deli, 83 Ets HaChaim St.
    A smattering of pickels and cheeses Ivgy abu dawood, 41 Ets HaChaim St.

    5.A selection of 3 pastries Marzipan Bakery 44 Agripas St.

    A Taste of  Fresh Coffee - Roasters Coffee - 32 Etz Hachaim St. 
     A Taste of Ice Cream - Musseline Jerusalem, 2 HaarmonimSt.

    Click here to enjoy the audio guide in Machne Yehuda
    *Notice: some of the tastings are in take away
    *Fridays are very busy days in the market, it is recommended to start early.Bear in mind that in some places you will need to wait to receive the tasting, also sitiing might nit be availble in the stores on friday.
    *Operating hours: Sun-Thurs- 09:00-18:00, Friday 09:00 until 2 hours before Shabat.

    * This reservation is valid for 6 mounths from the day of purchase.

    We wish you a pleasant, enjoyable and delicious tour. We welcome your opinion and feedback after your visit. We would love to hear about the quality of service you received so that we can improve the Shuk Bites tour for you and future participants. Please use this form to contact us

    The Yalla Basta Staff

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