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Christmas Tours with Yalla Basta

Israel has an ancient history going thousands of years back. Here, in Israel, three major religions grew, among them was Christianity, which many of its founding events took place in this land. There is no doubt that the experience of Christmas in Israel is unique, authentic and memorable. Yalla Basta has Christmas tours in three different locations:

Nazareth: The gospel city invites you to get festive and come up north to experience the joy, songs, shows and sparkling lights. The highlight is the ceremony of lighting the huge Christmas tree at the Ma’ayan square, and of course the masses and holiday prayers. The tour includes a visit to churches and the market alleys, taking you through the streets filled with people celebrating, the market stalls, the decorated houses, sweets and local food, and telling you secrets and stories of Nazareth and the city’s special ambiance.

Old City, Jerusalem: Yalla Basta’s festive tour invites you to get to know the Christian quarter of the Old City up close, when it truly comes to live. We will start at the Notre Dame Church and move to the new gate, visit the Christmas Market where there is a three-story-tall artificial Christmas tree, all lit and decorated, different stalls with Christmas sweets, chocolates, pastries and Mulled Wine. You can take a picture with the local Santa Claus and from there deep into the Christian quarter for Christmas tales and churches. We’ll finish the tour at Jaffa Gate. The tour will include historical tales as well as folklore ones, showing the unique atmosphere of the city’s Christian quarter. In addition, we will offer participants a festive tasting at one of the Old City’s observation decks!

Haifa: Every year in December, Haifa is covered with festive lights for the Holiday of Holidays. At the German Colony’s main street there are Menorahs, Christmas trees and Crescents, symbolizing the three religions’ December holidays – Jewish Hanukkah, Christian Christmas and Muslim Eid al-Adha; at the streets of the Wadi Nisnas market are dozens of stalls, filled with colorful accessories, furry Santa Claus dolls and traditional, honey-dripping and rosewater fragrant holiday sweets. Join us on a culinary tour full of magic at Wadi Nisnas and the bright German Colony, during which we will be exposed to stories, customs and flavors which make this city so special.


Additional information, terms and limitations:
  • The tastings within the tour may change according to the guide and company’s considerations.
  • Participants are covered by a third-party insurance.
  • The tour is accompanied by a certificate guide.
  • The tour is for closed groups.Bigger groups can be accommodated by being split into smaller groups according to initial group size.
  • Payment via credit card (added 2% commission) or money transfer. 
  • Cancellation fee:7 days before the tour date: no cancellation fee.4-7 days before the tour date: 50% cancellation fee.Less than 4 days before the tour date: A full fee.

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