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  • Yalla Basta, the leading culinary tourism company in Israel, is an innovative tourism orgenizer which offers new, savory ways to get acquainted with the wonders of the Israeli markets. Yalla Basta’s Shuk Bites cards and guided tours enable you to meet, feel and taste the true rhythm of the most bubbly markets in Israel from the inside.
    Each of Yalla Basta’s websites is dedicated to a specific market – in Jerusalem – to the Machane Yehuda Market, to the alleys of the Old City market; in Tel Aviv – to the Flea Market, the Old Jaffa, Shuk HaCarmel and to the streets of Shuk Levinski.  The websites offer an abundance of information and content, which assist Israeli as well as foreign tourists to get to know the markets in Israel, to plan their visit there and to decide whether to tour the markets independently, to tour them following the special Shuk Bites cards that were developed by Yalla Basta, or to join one of our guided tours.
    Our Shuk Bites cards are a unique product offering a great experience, which enables the market visitors to enjoy the market just like any local resident, while getting to taste and eat from the best stands and stalls of each market, to learn about the market’s history and to hear the special tales of each market through “The Independent Visitor’s Guide to the Market” which is provided upon the purchase of any Shuk Bites Card.

    In addition to our exclusive Shuk Bites cards, we are also the Israeli exclusive partner of the innovative bitemojo app - the first app in the world to offer self-guided fascinating food tours and food experiences. bitemojo Israel offers you new and exciting ways to learn about Israel best food and culinary scenes with nothing but your smartphone. Our bitemojo tours in Israel are offered in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, and they are a great complimentary to any of our guided tours. We also offer curated bitemojo experiences for companies and corporates, conferences and special events.
    We hope that our websites and culinary offerings will constitute an added value and a complimentary experience to your visit in the market and hope to see you tour with us and enjoy the special, fascinating markets in Israel just like we do.
    let’s bite Israel!
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