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A Jerusalem Menorahs Tour

The tour combines the magic of Hanukkah, lighting from the windows, and the unique flavors of the market.
The tour brings you the market as it is, in an authenticity which is comprised of a mosaic of people, stalls, butcher shops, galleries, restaurants and of course – doughnuts, in all tastes and colors, like only the Machne Yehuda Market can offer

What’s in the tour?
First, we will taste local Halva, meet the citron man and taste the magic potion he concocts with different fruits, plants and herbs, and not forget to take a bite from a plump doughnut.
After travelling the colorful Machne Yehuda Market we will go on a journey following lights, menorahs and the hidden stories at the Nachlaot neighborhood.
Follow the lights between the alleys to the old watering holes. We will tell of the Jerusalem Hanukkah customs, take shade under the famous strawberry tree, tour the synagogues and tell of the famous Banai family and of the neighborhood cultural harmony.
A menorahs tour of Nachlaot is a once-in-a-year Jerusalem experience. Come feel the magical holiday spirit, get in touch with Jerusalem and hear stories and tales of a disappearing world.
Note: the current tour is invitational for closed groups.
If you are travelling on your own, you can join the open Menorahs Tour at Machne Yehuda Market and Nachlaot.

  • Additional Information:
  • The tour has a certified guide.
  • The tour is for closed groups.
  • We can divide larger groups into smaller ones, depending on size.
  • The tour takes about three hours.
  • Tour participants are covered by a third-party insurance.
  • Payment via credit card (added 2% commission) or money transfer.
  • Cancellation fee:7 days before the tour date: no cancellation fee.4-7 days before the tour date: 50% cancellation fee.Less than 4 days before the tour date: A full fee.

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