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YallaBasta: We are changing the world of culinary tourism!


Yalla Basta, it’s a savor to meet you.

Yalla Basta is an innovative tourism company, specializing in culinary experiences in the most popular food markets in Israel. The market is the most portraying microcosms of any society, and a visit to the market offers a unique and fascinating sneak peak at that destination. In the course of our vision to make the market experience accessible to all, we created eight websites that offer an abundance of content and information that will help you get to know the different markets, plan your visit in each market and decide whether you wish to tour them independently, to tour them using either our Shuk Bites cards or our innovative bitemojo app to joint one of our tours.
Our Shuk Bites cards or the bitemojo mobile app offers you a special experience, enabling you to enjoy the market on your free time, at your own pace, while getting to taste and dine at the best stands and stalls of each market, to learn about the market itself through your tour and from the stall owners’ own tales.  Currently, we offer various bilingual Shuk Bites cards, offered in Hebrew and in English, which will grant you the unique experience of the market, of its culture and of the stall owners; some stands are strictly Kosher and some are open on Saturdays for the wide public that arrives on the weekends.  As well, we offer branded ticket series for educational and commercial entities, which empower the experience-oriented activity of their members.

Our bitemojo app will allow you to learn about the best culinary scenes taking place in Israel with nothing but your smartphone. We offer a wide range of food discovry tours in the most vibrant areas of Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv. Come and learn about the White city of Tel-Aviv, about the hispter district of Florentine, about the culinary life of East Jerusalem and the Old city or the rumble nightlife scene of Jerusalem. All these experieces are done directly from within your smartphone so when taking bitemojo with you - you can leave your wallet at home!
Our guided tours offer a tour full of scents, flavours, stories and anecdotes from the bustling market life to groups, families and coworkers; the tours are designed in cooperation with you, in order to adjust them to group’s character, to the group’s particular preferred taste and in order to provide the group with the type of tour that is right for it.  Our guided tours put an emphasis on the cultural and culinary experience of the market and allow its participants to detach from the day-to-day life for a few hours, while connecting to the bubbly, colorful market life.  We offer our tours in Hebrew, English, Spanish, French and Russian according to the group’s needs.
We work with the leading organizations, companies and entities in the market.  We strictly maintain service of the highest quality and receive great feedback from our clientele, who keep returning for further, new adventures in the markets and in some of the most unique places here in Israel.

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