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  • The Ramla Culture & Bites Card
    Visit Ramla's historical sites, Taste the abundance of the Ramla market, at your own time and convenience, through one single card, for only 69 NIS!


    Whether you are a couple, a small group, or exploring on your own, you no longer need to feel confined to organized tasting tours of the shuk. Here at Ramla market, we've worked with top tour guides and the most beloved and colorful shuk vendors to create Shuk Bites - a single map and punch card that allows you to enjoy the abundance of the market whenever is best for you, to walk around at your own pace, and to enjoy all the best of the best of Ramla market foods and beverages.

    Included in the Card:

     Original Turkish Bourekas or The Iraqi daily special

     Authentic Tunisian Sandwich or Local Hummus 

    Carmel's pickles or a local Coffee 

    Entrance to the Ramla Museum 

    Entrance to the White Tower 

    Entrance to the Pool of Arches 

    Important Details:

    1. The tasting details and the locations of some of the shops are subject to change, according to the current situation at the market, and the daily inventory. Our advice is to print out the guidelines form, which you will receive to your email inbox when you purchase the ticket, and read our recommendations.

    2. Some of the tastings may contain gluten, nuts, sesame, different spices and other food products that should not be eaten by those who are allergic to these products. If you have a doubt that there is a certain food that you are allergic to in one of the tastings, we recommend that you do not purchase the ticket.

    3. Ticket pickup is at the market. After purchasing your tickets, you will be redirected to a web page which contains the pickup point details, as well as the shops and the stands for redeeming your tastings.

    4. Please note: Each Shuk Bites ticket is to be used by one person only.

    5. The Shuk Bites card is valid for a priod of 6 months from the day of purchase.